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Solving Nonlinear Problems with Abaqus

This is the extensive course for learning nonlinear FEA. It consists of more than 70 exercises and explains the theory in a way that is necessary to solve nonlinear problems using commercial FEA software. Learners can ask questions and request new exercises.
  • Theoretical Background - I
  • Theoretical Background - II
  • Exercises: Geometric Nonlinearity I
  • Exercises: Geometric Nonlinearity II
  • Exercises: Geometric Nonlinearity III
  • Exercises: Geometric Nonlinearity IV
  • Exercises: Force Nonlinearity
  • Exercises: Material Nonlinearity I
  • Exercises: Material Nonlinearity II
  • Exercises: Contact Problems I
  • Exercises: Contact Problems II
  • Exercises: Contact Problems III
  • Exercises: Contact Problems IV
  • Exercises: Contact Problems V
  • Exercises: Contact Problems VI
  • Exercises: FE Discretization I
  • Exercises: FE Discretization II
  • Exercises: FE Discretization III
  • Exercises: Miscellaneous
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed