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Angle Head Attachment, Wildfire 2.0

Right-angle or any fixed orientation head gives the 3-axis machine added capability to machine the features which are only possible on a 5-axis machine. The topics covered are as follows:

Defining a right angle head with required Coordinate systems and Parameters
Setting the orientation of NC Sequence coordinate system to properly orient the attachment.
Defining a trajectory milling NC Sequence to move the tool along a specified trajectory to get sharp corners
Checking the gouges.
How to perform multi-step trajectory milling.
Defining a volume milling NC Sequence to machine a pocket with right angle head.
Declaring a surface of mill volume as Top Surface.
Defining a surface milling NC Sequence to machine the radius which a previous larger tool could not machine.
Defining a Hole Making NC Sequence to drill holes with Angle Head.
Creating option file for the different orientations of angle head
  • Angle Head
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed